Turkish Airlines - Delightful Stories

Delightful Stories We all have dreams. Some bigger than others. But it’s often in the face of trial and adversity when we achieve the most. Here are five people with big dreams who dared to achieve and proved that with a little courage and a whole lot of passion, you can conquer anything.

TURKISH AIRLINES -Delightful Stories
Müşteri / Client: Türk Hava Yolları
Ajans / Agency : Dekatlon
Kreatif Proje Yönetmeni /Creative :Murat kaya
Metin Yazarı /Writer : Murat Kaya
Creative Project Management : Martin Hildgen
Consept designer -  Creative Director: Caner Çolakoğlu
Ui Design : Mustafa Karagülmez / Utku Turan
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