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Kasguru mission to athletes, who take care of eating habits and special diet meals to those who can move comfortably to provide equipment. Now, when we go out of our house we do not know the exact content, make sure that the conditions under which the food we consume cooked you do not have to. Kasgur bags up to 8 hours hot / cold retention by having a supportive products no longer allows anyone to carry your eating habits. Cooked in your own control, with your recipe hygienic food prepared outside the home and that allows you to safely transport the Kasgur, all members of a family to a healthier diet aims to promote the understanding. On the other hand, the special dietary needs of diabetics, gluten intolerant individuals, vegans and vegetarians, athletes, by their own design they are looking for in their daily lives can reach the standards they need. Of Kasgur; professional athletes, individuals who exercise regularly, follow a dietician menu frequently hears "70% nutrition, 30% sport" rhetoric and achieve the goal of performing a step forward in terms of individual bears.

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